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So glad you liked it Rhonda! Your pals scarf came out lovely too:)



Hi, Rhonda!

Thanks so much for my wonderful scarf, and all the extra goodies! Even a goody for the cat! (he liked his too)

I love, love, love the red scarf; it's beautiful and the pattern is gorgeous!
And the flowers, and the gardening gloves so I can plant the flowers, and the chocolate -- mmmm!

And it's very wild that Marisol was your spoiler; I got to know her at Sock Camp in April! She is a wonderful person! And a talented knitter, too.

Thanks again! I'm just working on my blog post (then maybe ISE 6 tomorrow, after church & kid stuff), to say thanks more publicly.

Cathy (Cathy-Cate)


Oh my gosh! Cathy Cate was your downstream pal! What a small world eh?

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