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Jan B.

Oh my gosh! I spent about 8 full weeks last fall suffering with horrid vertigo. There was never any diagnosis made, but I have my theories. At any rate, I can't EVEN imagine trying to deal with that while raising two young children! I couldn't get a dang thing done, and I have two teens! As to feeling like yourself again, yes. You will. But not for a while. It's a gradual process once your children reach an age where they are not quite so dependent, at least not to the point where you have to do everything for them. It took me perhaps two years from the time they turned 7 or 8 to the point where I felt I could do things for ME again. I hope you find that gal again!!

Beth Peck

I don't have an answer for you but wanted to let you know you are not alone in wanting to feel like YOU again!

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