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I swear it doesn't get any better either!! My daughter is 15. 15!! And sometimes she is as uncooperative as a toddler. Props to you sister, you have two!! I still say you're superwoman to be able to work AND have two itty-bittys to take care of :)


You are hilarious!!! But, so darn true---been there, done that---thought I was the only one things like this happened to---hang in there!!!!


You must have been drunk to think that you could pull off the grocery shopping on a day like that. Next time wait for me...You also failed to mention that I was home the following day, and the girls acted like perfect little angels, as perfect as a 3yr and 10m can be. I guess they were just suffering from symptoms of "daddy withdrawal."


Poor you! I have resulted in going shopping by myself on the weekend and leave my 3 boys at home with daddy!

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