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Oh my goodness. I have dealt both with the loss of a pet and with the death of my husband's mother and I know your pain. Just feel .....feel.

Jan b.

Oh Rhonda...what an awful thing. I've lived through both of those experiences, too. I always call this month "YuckVember" because of all the death anniversaries this month. We always said there's a good reason this month begins with the word "NO"! Let it all out - let yourself cry and moan and mourn for a while. Eventually, the pain will dull a little. That's the beauty AND the cruelty of life right there. You don't really want to forget, but you can't live in pain either.

Hugs and good thoughts from one who has been there several times...


Oh Rhonda..

Beth Peck

Rhonda- I am so sorry you are going through all of this. God must have a special plan for you and know your strength beyond what you can imagine. HUGS!!!! Take care!

You always inspire me, Beth


(((HUGS))) Rhonda! I am so sorry sweety!

Carol Huygaerts

HUGS Rhonda!!! I am so sorry that this is such a terrible time for you. We love you and we're here for you!




Sorry to hear about your dog. I too know how it feels every November 20th depresses me too. I lost my Step dad. He went to the butcher to buy some lunchmeat and never came home again. In fact I am tearing up as I write this because it was like yesterday that it happened and it will be his 9th anniversary of his death this year. It hurts that he's not hear enjoying his grandchildren. I also lost my MIL 3 months after that. She was sick with a liver disease and needed a transplany but couldn't get one because she was too sick. So I know exactly how you feel. Here's a hug for you (((HUG))))

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