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Jan B.

Is today the big day, Rhonda? Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday, but the big '3-0' is so far in my past, I can barely remember it! :-)

odd dotty

Happy birthday!! Mine is next week, and I will be three years into my 30s. They're not so bad, actually. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy(sorry I'm a bit late)
Happy birthday to you..

I like the idea of the 30 things on your 30th b-day. OH Lord I'm turning 35 this year EEK..
You so do not look like you have wrinkles
I'm with you on the mexican food. I didn't know you were now attending a Baptist church. How are you liking it?
a scarf in two hours.. that is it????? you go knitting queen.


I love you too!!! I think you have more of a brown thumb when it comes to plants...

rachel h

I turned 30 this year too, and it's really great to feel happy in your own skin, huh? I am having a very fulfilling 30th year so far! It's a little sad to say goodbye to those 20's I'll admit- but I am totally getting a lot out of feeling like a "mature grown-up" . Well- at least compared to all the 21 yr olds..

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