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Hugs, mama!! It's hard, isn't it? And you have two; I only have one. Most days I feel like Brogan is the worst-behaved toddler anyone has ever seen. He's in a talking back stage and definitely a no-listening stage. His favourite thing right now is to yell, "No! YOU stop it!!" and then to run away saying "leave Brogan alone!" when I ask him to "Please stop climbing on the counters" or "Brogan, your toast doesn't belong in the toilet." I live for bedtime many days. I know none of that helps but here's a hug. Everyone seems to have such a happy obedient child but I do know (or I try to believe) that they're not truly that way all the time. I might be semi-content if my child were sweet in public so others would think I'm a good mom but alas, we often have mucho embarrassing times out there too.

Hang in there. There's really nothing else to do, is there?

My guy has little interest in the toilet for his bodily functions either, perfectly content to march around in a poopy diaper while everyone around him passes out from the smell. This is not the way I planned things! LOL


These days too shall's a big hug coming your way. Your mom would be SO proud of you and your beautiful family. We've ALL had days like this. It was hard having an almost 5 year old and a newborn, much less a potty training 2 year old and a newborn. Maybe take a break on the potty training for a few days until things settle down??


Rhonda- UGH! I am so sorry! Granted, I only have one near-two-year-old but she can be such a turd sometimes!!! If it helps, we are all in the same club- desparately trying to do our best and questioning every move we make along the way! You are an amazing woman and I am sure your mom would be so so proud of you! Your journals are great, keep them and share them with your daughters so you can be their guiding light someday when they are calling you in tears! HUGS! -Beth

Jan b.

Boy do I ever remember those days! It was so much easier with just one, wasn't it? When my second one came along, the shit really hit the fan! It's really more than anyone can practically manage, so don't expect too much of yourself or your family at this stage. It does pass, and you really want to have some hair left when it does. I thought I was gonna lose my mind. As my friend used to said, "Oh have your good days and your bad weeks..."


I have three children, Christopher who is 8, Nicholas who is 6 and Elizabeth who is 20 months old. I know exactly what you are saying. I felt like that too. My first two were challenging but not like my daughter. For months (probably until she was 4 months old) she only liked mommy and still prefers mommy over anyone. She was colicy on top of that. So hard. You're older one is probably just testing to see if you will break. She's little yet still but she will get better at being a big sister. I love reading your blog, I love being a mom and get to relive those firsts with you. Hang in there, you can do it :)

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