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Yea, the doll's a bit creepy but the hat sure is adorable! Congrats on your impending clone! 3 words: Baby Peapod Sweater (google it) CUTEST sweater pattern...


That hat is cute.

That doll isn't that scary. My MIL got my daughter a Baby Alive that gives me nightmares and makes me twitch.
It makes me think of Chuckie. If it wasn't scary enough to look at it also talks, eats, drinks and pees and poops. It has a very large "uni-hole" for it's bodily functions. The great rip off is that the diaper it comes with (and are sold separately at $10 for 6 ,tho it may have been 9) absorb nothing so one drink of water soaks them. and you have to run multiple bottles of water through the thing to flush out it's insides. I bought her the tiniest size of Target diapers, for up to 10 pounds and they work okay. Much less at 40 for $6. I should buy her cloth.

I'm going to make either scary baby or Kit her American Girl Doll a sweater and hat set if I ever get to the end of my list. I have one baby sweater that needs to be seamed and one that I am about 2/3 done with the back. I just finished fingerless gloves so I don't freeze knitting at the skating rink. I have arthritis in my hands and hopefully it will help with my pain levels as well.

I was at knitty baby buggy bumpers and followed the hat through. I love the picot edge and the daisies. I'll have to work on learning picot edging next.

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