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Congratulations! She's beautiful :)


That's one gorgeous baby! She is perfect and you all must be very happy. Enjoy!


She is wearing your knitted little hat!! How gorgeous!! She is beautiful!!!


She is so small!!! How precious.


She is wonderful! So beautiful! I've been really looking forward to seeing a picture of her. Congratulations!


Oh, my goodness, are they really that small! My "baby" is almost 19 and over six foot, 200 pounds. But I'm expecting a beautiful granddaughter any day! Your little one is beautiful!

Lisa D.

Your daughter is just gorgeous and so precious. Very sweet pictures. Have fun with her and enjoy her. My baby girl turned 5 yesterday and I can't even fathom where the time has gone!


What tiny fingers she has! Beautiful picture - your hat is just perfect on her.

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