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Miz Booshay

What a glorious nursery! You have the most awesome taste! Your rocker is so cool. I love those upolstered rockers!!!---and the window and the sheep rocker and the blankets on the bed...
Just perfect!
Your knitted hat is precious-such a pretty green ribbon!

I don't think any of my babies were 'engaged' before they were on their way out!



You are exellent in anything you do. Sheep is something special. Wouldn't mind one (OK, two) for my girls.


LOVE the nursery! The belly pic from last week is pretty cute, too. Thanks for the hat pattern, I will definitely be trying one of those. Sending you lots of good wishes for an easy labor. Maybe you are holding your little one already... :)


What waqs the name of this baby is darling....and what size is it for

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