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And we do indeed love the belly! You look amazing. Close, so close...

I'm heaping sympathy upon you. I suffered through a cold in June or July that lasted probably two and a half weeks. I never take anything for them anyway (because I rarely ever get sick) but knowing that there wasn't a whole lot I could take even if I wanted to...? I was approved to use plain old Tylenol but opted not to because I didn't see what it would do for me. I can imagine how your bladder is handling it. Oh the joys, eh?

Just curious here. Did you find that you sneezed all the time in the fist couple months? I had big, juicy sneezes from the time I got up until I went to sleep, probably at least one or two an hour. Strange.


You haven't posted in a I am wondering if you have had the baby yet! God luck with everything!

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