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You're right - not much noticeable change in the belly. It'll come though ;o) I found I went in spurts sometimes. These last few weeks, I'm practically getting bigger every single day. Ugh! You're looking good. And so is your little knittingirl.

Donna Boucher

It is very cool to see your baby before she comes out into the big wide world. I can see a difference in your tummy.
How many weeks are you know?
My friend went in for an ultrasound this week to see if she had twins ( she is measuring 32 wks and she is only 24) in there...alas, just one big baby boy. Her first was 11 lbs.! I was at her last birth and have been invited to come again and take photos. Aren't I a lucky girl!


You both look great! Have a happy thanksgiving!


Thanks for being my secret pal, I've really enjoyed it! Weird about the parcel! Love the tummy pictures!!

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