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Yep - love belly pictures! You're going to be so amazed at how fast you grow! It looks like you are/were like me - no stomach to speak of beforehand. I know everytime I took a picture I thought I was HUGE and people would tell me how tiny I was. It's all relative. The weight I've put on so far is about 1/4 of what I weighed before so that's a sizeable difference to have sticking out the front. I'm finding my belly to be a little heavy some days.

You look great, by the way!! I'm very excited for you. And silk for the baby? Why not? Like you said, it is your first.

Donna Boucher

There you go! You finally look pregnant!

Wonderful tummy.

Silk huh? What color silk?
Silk seems a little femmy to me?
Could it be a girly?


Looking so cute! Why not silk or some other luxury yarn like cashmere or a cashmere blend? If it's a girl, you use the shawl only on very special occasions when she is a baby (christening, formal pictures, etc.). When she is grown, you whip it out as a beautiful wrap for prom, her wedding, etc.

If it's a boy, you still use it for the special baby times, then pack it away for his intended. What a bridal shower gift that would be, a beautiful handknitted shawl from her husband-to-be's baby days.

It becomes an heirloom.

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