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Hi there -

Your hat came out great! Your belly is cute! You probably don't agree! Any more cravings? Check out my blog when you get a chance - I have a contest going on!

Donna Boucher

I am so happy for you and your little bump :o)
Hey, your tummy looks like my 'goal weight' picture.

Your hat is again one of my favorites. Really I put your hats as #1 and #2.
You have a great eye and cleverness that is very special

I look forward to your future projects. Especially for baby bump.


Love the belly pic! I remember at that stage I thought I was HUGE and now (at 28 weeks) my earlier pictures seem so small. I did up a simple progression page so I could compare each shot Can't wait to see your belly over the next few months.


Oh. And my guess is BOY.

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