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Mariah Lockwood


Nice to see I am not the only one out
here seeking a pattern for the shawl(s)
that Charlize Theron wears in the Movie
"Sweet November." I bought the DVD, I
loved the movie and cried my eyes out...
but I also had to have the movie for all
the wonderful knitting inspirations! The
shawls were wonderful, in the begining of the
movie she wore it like a scarf... such fun!
If you have luck with the pattern for the
shawl(that you found) or with creating the
the Shawl, would you be so kind as to share
it or let me know where to buy it? I would
be ever so thankful!


I found your blogg by accident and really I was searching for the pattern of Sara's shawl forever! I've tried my hands on knitting triangle shawls but they were never as pretty. i'm unable to find out how the stitches get to the next row to make it triangular. sighs, i'm rather hopeless but a really enthusiastic knitter. share your pattern please! i'll be glad to buy it otherwise! thanks loads!


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